The following are the results from the Dayton Sewer Survey that was handed out by the Dayton City Council on 5-24-04 at Dayton Elementary School. These results are from the surveys that were turned in that night at the end of the meeting , approx 141 ( 27% of the affected homes) )  properties had people at the meeting to represent them and approx 113  ( 22% of the affected homes) properties turned in the survey that the City Council passed out at the meeting. At this meeting we were PROMISED by the Mayor AND Werner Eggert that THIS survey would be mailed to the people in the affected areas ( approx 350 homes) that didn't attend and they would be asked to return them to the city to be included in the results. After a preliminary look at the results the Preserve Dayton group on the city council ( Mayor Jim Jadwin, Werner Eggert and Jesse Huff-Larson ) decided they needed to change the survey before it was sent to the rest of the affected properties, I guess if you don't like the answer you got, then you change the questions. Thanks to Doug Baines ( resident) and Susane Jacobs ( council member) for asking the city attorney to release these documents, Mayor Jim Jadwin, Councilor Jesse Hoff-Larson and Councilor Werner Eggert had refused to let the public see the results ( for obvious reasons), the city attorney informed them that almost ALL documents the city generates are public under the Data Practices Act.  Elsewhere on this website is contact information for Mayor Jim Jadwin , Werner Eggert and Jesse Huff-Larson, I urge everyone to contact them and let them know that its not right to withhold information and its not right to try and manipulate data for their own self interest. These preliminary results overwhelmingly support sewer in the affected areas.